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About John Crafton Cornett
Mr. Cornett is the founder, owner and managing partner of The Cornett Law Firm, PSC.  He focuses his practice on criminal defense, family law matters, and plaintiffs personal injury cases.  He is known by his clients and colleagues as a tireless advocate of his client's cases, and a creative thinker with unique approaches to solving problems.  His clients know he will fight for their case as if it were his own, and always strive to represent them to the best of his ability. 
Groomed To Be A Good Lawyer Since Childhood
Having trial experience, Mr. Cornett is adept and experienced at representing his clients in matters that require litigation.  He is the grandson of John Chris Cornett, who was the Circuit Court Judge for Knott, Floyd and Magoffin Counties for 27 years.  Both his father and sister are attorneys, and there are many cousins and other relatives that are lawyers in the family.  Mr. Cornett was blessed with the bloodlines for practicing law, and was able to see first hand from a very young age what separated the good lawyers from the bad, and what separated winning arguments from losing arguments.

Moving on from playing with his grandfather's gavel as a child, as a freshman in high school he led his mock trial team to the State.  At that point he realized he loved and excelled at trial law. In law school, Crafton worked as the law clerk for R. Burl McCoy, one of the elite criminal defense attorneys in Kentucky. 

Experience Matters 
In his first job as an attorney he was was afforded the opportunity to work on personal injury cases, as well as class action cases, which involved large policy limits.  Yet at that same time he also worked on numerous motor vehicle accident cases involving the minimum policy limits.  By observing and working with excellent attorneys he was able to come to the conclusion that an attorney must give the same effort to every case that he has, regardless of how big or small it is, and that level of effort must be 110%.  He strives to treat all of his cases the same … as if he himself were the client. 

From his time as a trial attorney with the Department of Public Advocacy Mr. Cornett was able to hone his trial skills, as well as form relationships with the County Attorneys, Commonwealth Attorneys, Court Personnel from clerks to bailiffs, and to become familiar with the Judges of Fayette County and what they expect out of the attorneys that practice before them.  Due to the sheer amount of cases he handled while there, he came to develop a great understanding of the process as well as what jurors expect from an attorney to convince them to favor his clients.  The relationships he has formed along the way enable Mr. Cornett to work with people in order to “get things done” for his clients.  The most intelligent attorney in the world isn't very effective if the prosecutors, judges and juries do not like or respect him.

Mr. Cornett is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association, the Fayette County Bar Association.  He received his undergraduate degree from Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, and his Juris Doctor from the University of Kentucky College of Law.   So, while Crafton is a native of Knott County, he has lived in Lexington for the bulk of the last 20 years and is completely committed to providing its citizens with the best legal representation possible.   


United States District Court - Eastern District of Kentucky
Commonwealth of Kentucky, 2001
Fayette County District Court
Fayette County Circuit Court


Code Enforcement Administrative Hearing Judge
      Lexington Fayette Urban County Government


Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky
      Bachelor of Arts, 1996
      Major: Business Administration

University of Kentucky College of Law, Lexington, Kentucky
      Juris Doctor, 2001


Kentucky Bar Association
Fayette County Bar Association
Kentucky Justice Association
Kappa Alpha Order

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal,
or acts to improve the lot of others,
or strikes out against injustice,
he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.”

- Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968, American Attorney General, Senator)