Supreme Court to Decide if Kids Conceived with Dead Dad's Sperm Can Collect Survivor Benefits - News The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether children conceived by in vitro fertilization after the death of their biological father are entitled to collect Social Security survivor benefits. The court granted cert today in the case, Astrue v. Capato, report SCOTUSblog, Courthouse News Serviceand Bloomberg News.

2. Supreme Court agrees to hear Obama healthcare law The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to decide the fate of President Barack Obama's healthcare law, with an election-year ruling due by July on the U.S. healthcare system's biggest overhaul in nearly 50 years.

3. Kentucky Supreme Court Wades into Extramarital Affairs The Kentucky Supreme Court issued an opinion last week that tackles an interesting, fraught topic: can adulterous trysts give rise to custody rights.

4. Kentucky v. King in the Supreme Court Kentucky Supreme Court Reversed, 8-1, in an opinion by Justice Alito on May 16, 2011. Justice Ginsburg filed a dissent. Police may enter a home without a warrant in response to an emergency (including the imminent destruction of evidence) so long as the police do not themselves create the emergency through conduct that violates the Fourth Amendment.